February 2013

Kareem and the Unsyncables

Kareem Does the Harlem ShakeWith the Cast of ABC’s “SPLASH”

Congrats to Eddie Doucette


Broadcaster Eddie Doucette recalls the birth of his term ‘sky hook’ By Bob Wolfley of the Journal Sentinel Feb. 21, 2013 Sky hook, the shot, was made famous by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Sky hook, the term, was coined by former Milwaukee Bucks announcer Eddie Doucette, who is to be inducted into the broadcasting wing of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in …

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Django Is Wonderful.But It Shouldn’t Be Up for Best Picture.


By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Esquire.com Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: “Basically, Django Unchained is a B movie. A damn fine B movie, but still a B movie.” Everyone knows the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sometimes gets it wrong. The proof is when they overlooked me for my heart-wrenching role as the troubled navigator with a mysterious past in 1980’s Airplane!. …

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Remembering Dr. Buss


To me, the mark of a great man is not the towering monuments he’s built during his life, but the tender memories he’s left in those who remain after his life. The fact that so many of us have come together to celebrate those tender memories of Jerry Buss is a testament to his greatness. Today you will hear about his many virtues and accomplishments, both as a businessman and a …

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Our Educational System:Stop Complaining and Do Something!


By MAUREEN MACKEY, The Fiscal Times Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may be best known as one of professional basketball’s all-time greatest players – the 7-foot-2 Hall of Fame center and former Laker, with his iconic skyhook shot, dominated the NBA for 20 years and is still the league’s top scorer today, with 38,387 points. But for decades he’s had an abiding interest …

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Chris Webber Talks with Kareem on the Passing of Dr. Buss

Rest In Peace Dr. Buss


When someone as celebrated and charismatic as Jerry Buss dies, we are reminded of two things. First, just how much one person with vision and strength of will can accomplish. Second, how fragile each of us is, regardless of how powerful we were. Those two things combine to inspire us to reach for the stars, but also to remain with …

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Entertainment Tonight Visits “Splash”


Entertainment Tonight had a great time today at “Splash”.  They are going to tease their visit in tonight’s show and air their piece tomorrow, as well as air another piece closer to premiere.  Tune in! Tonight – Tuesday, February 12 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT – teasing their set visit to “Splash” practice featuring interviews with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Louie Anderson, and Chuy Bravo, …

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On the Set of ABC’s New RealityShow ‘Splash’


On the set of ABC’s new reality show ‘Splash’ with my trainer… a great athlete whom some of you might remember… Greg Louganis, a Gold Medalist back in the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games on both the springboard and platform. LIKE if you remember this talented and gifted athlete.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Impresses DuringTraining for ABC’s “Splash”

[flv:http://kareemabduljabbar.com/flv/kajforwardflip596x336.flv 596 336] Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shows his atheltic ability with a near flawless front flip as he trains for the upcoming ABC Television reality competition show “Splash” in which he will star alongside 9 other celebrity competitors.  The highly anticipated new primetime ABC series premieres on March 19th at 8pm ET/7pm CT. “Splash” marks the first time 10 celebrities will …

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