Quote on Senator Kennedy

“I thought Senator Kennedy did a great job maintaining and extending the Kennedy legacy even though he never became presidential he was major force in the Senate and one of the Democratic parties most consistent performers. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.” Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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Thoughts on Justice

“Justice should be blind especially color-blind and able to fairly deal with the very real need for honest law enforcement.” -Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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Iranian Election


“It’s unfortunate that the people of Iran have to question what should have been a free and fair election. The whole world was paying attention to the final results and there were hopes in many quarters that reform i.e., a step away from radicalism, might be the choice of the Iranian people. It is my hope that those questioning the …

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Holocaust Museum Quote


“The bigot who killed the guard at the Holocaust Museum was from the same generation of bigots who murdered people like Medgar Evers and Emmett Till.  In all likelihood he had a lifetime of bigotry which just goes to show that some people cannot change. Subsequent generations of Americans do not share his venom; we actually have made progress.” Kareem …

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“I thought that the President’s statements had the right tone & emphasis with regard to what’s happening in the Muslim world.  His call for a two state solution for the Palestinian issue was right on the mark. I thought it was a courageous speech because he took on very hot issues frankly and directly. I think that it will enable …

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